Baby Shark Party Decoration


For those who don't know, I live in Peru and here the bands of musicians are unemployed because of the pandemic. So they go around the neighborhoods playing instruments or singing and people collaborate with them.

Last week, a band of musicians passed by my house playing the baby shark song! I loved it so much that it inspired me to share with you this cute Baby Shark Decoration! 🤗

This decoration is amazing as a centerpiece for your Baby Shark Themed Party! Are you ready to make this party decoration? First, let’s gather your materials!



- Printable Baby Shark Decorations

- Printable Baby Shark Numbers

- Foam circle (Styrofoam)

- Acrylic paint in blue

- Colored cardstock in your choice of colors, here are some suggestions based on the tutorial:

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Magenta 

- Tissue paper pom pom in light blue or blue

- Bamboo skewers

- Toothpicks

- Scissors

- Hot Glue gun




- Print out the Printable Baby Shark Decoration part 1 on paper. Then trace onto a colored piece of cardstock.

- Print out the Printable Baby Shark Decoration part 2 on white cardstock. I recommend using cardstock from 65 lb / 176 gsm to 100 lb / 270 gsm.  

- You can also use tempera paint instead of acrylic paint.

Remember to save on Pinterest before downloading your printable!


The download contains a zipper folder; you need to unzip the files on your computer before you can use them. Then, open the PDF files in Adobe Reader

These Printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY

If you use these printables, it would be awesome to know about it! Tag me on Instagram with your creations! Click here to download Printable Baby Shark decorations.

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