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Hi everybody! Today I'm posting a Baby Shark box! But it's not only one design, they're 3 designs of Baby shark, Mommy shark and Daddy shark! 

A year ago, I found out Baby shark song because my nephew listened to it all the time. As an adult I must confess that I like the song too! It's catchy and the characters are cute! It makes me happy to post this Baby Shark tutorial!

- If you're planning Baby Shark Party, these boxes would be perfect as:
  • Favors boxes. Add some candies to the boxes and let your guests take home one cute box at the end of the party.
  • Party decor for your candy buffet.
  • Baby Shark scavenger hunt. Hide some boxes and play!
- Craft activity to make at home with kids. 
- Gift box for your kid, nephew, niece or anyone who likes Baby Shark! 
- Paper toys or ornaments. I didn't realized baby shark boxes could be paper toys until I uploaded the photo at the bottom of the post.



- Printables baby shark boxes (Find them here)
- White cardstock
- Bone folder
- Ruler
- Scissors or craft knife
- Glue


1. Print out Printable Baby Shark box on white cardstock. 
2. Cut out Baby Shark box with scissors or craft knife
3. Score along the dotted lines using the ruler and bone folder.
4. Fold all scored edges.
5. Apply glue to the tabs where indicated. Only the tabs that say "GLUE".
6. Assemble the box and wait for glue to dry.
7. Add your favorite candy to the box and close the box.
8. You're done!

Click the video below to watch the step by step video tutorial

I'm so happy how baby shark boxes turned out and let me tell you my favorite baby shark box is the pink one of Mommy shark. I really like the color pink! 😄 What's your favorite color?


Printables Baby Shark Boxes include 3 designs (Baby shark, Daddy shark and Mommy shark). The file format of the printables is PDF file and they come in Letter (8.5" x 11") size paper and Tabloid (11" x 17") size paper. You can find them at my Etsy shop.


Remember to check out the tips!


- I recommend using cardstock from 65 lb / 176 gsm to 100 lb / 270 gsm. I used 65 lb to make baby shark favors boxes. 
- Instead of glue, you could also use strong double-sided tape.
- The files come in a zipped folder, you need to unzip or extract the files to your computer. On a Windows PC, right click the zipped folder and choose Extract Here or Extract All. On a Mac, just double click the zipped folder to unzip it.
- To open the PDF files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free and you can download here.


Thank you for reading this post, I hope you like these Baby Shark boxes as much as I do! If you have any questions about these boxes, feel free to comment below. See you in the next DIY!

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