The Little Mermaid Party Ideas


the little mermaid party ideas


If  you're throwing The Little Mermaid Birthday Party? Check out these cute ideas and free printables for your party!

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The Little Mermaid Alphabet

Decorate your backdrop using the Little Mermaid Alphabet, get all the alphabet letters here!

the little mermaid alphabet letters

The Little Mermaid Numbers

Use the mermaid numbers to make a cake topper! Continue reading 

the little mermaid numbers

Mermaid Tail Arch

Decorate your party with this mermaid tail arch!

mermaid tail arch
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The Little Mermaid Banner

Decorate your backdrop using this cute little mermaid birthday banner!

free printable litttle mermaid birthday banner

Mermaid Favor Boxes

These cute mermaid favor boxes are perfect for small goodies!

mermaid favor boxes
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Mermaid Gable Boxes

If you're looking for a large box, these mermaid gable boxes is a good option for your mermaid party!

mermaid gable boxes
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Mermaid Coin Purses Party Favors

These cute Mermaid tail coin purses are perfect as a party favors!

Mermaid Coin Purses
Photo credit:

Mermaid Temporary Tattoos Party Favors

These mermaid temporary tattoos are a super cool idea for your mermaid themed party!

Mermaid Temporary Tattoos Party Favors
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Which Mermaid idea is your favorite? 🧜‍♀️

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