Paw Patrol Party Ideas

paw patrol party ideas

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If you’re planning a Paw Patrol Birthday Party for your kid, here are some ideas and free printables to help you throw an amazing party!

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So without further ado, let’s see the Paw Patrol party ideas: 

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Paw Patrol Party Invitations

Start planning your party with these fun and easy to make party invites. Also, they’re editable!

 free printable paw patrol party invites

Decorate your cupcakes using these free printable paw patrol cupcake toppers! They include the paw patrol characters and shield. 

free printable paw patrol cupcake toppers

Make a cake topper with the paw patrol numbers!

free printable paw patrol numbers blue version

I also made a version of the numbers with Skye and Everest!

free printable paw patrol numbers skye and everest

Spell out any custom message with these Paw Patrol Alphabet letters!

free printable paw patrol alphabet letters blue version

Also, I had to make the Skye and Everest alphabet letter, create a banner or more things with this free printable!

free printable paw patrol alphabet skye and everest

Use the banner to decorate your party! 

paw patrol banner

We also include the Paw Patrol birthday banner of Skye and Everest! 

paw patrol banner skye and everest

These Paw Patrol Party Favor Boxes are super cute for your party! They come in different colors with paw patrol characters!

paw patrol favor boxes
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Fill these favor bags with your favorite candies or small toys! 

paw patrol favor bags
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Decorate your Paw Patrol with this balloon arch and create a nice backdrop!

paw patrol balloon arch kit

This Paw Patrol craft kit is a fun activity for the kids! 

paw patrol craft kit

I hope you like these ideas and free printables! Which one do you plan to use for your paw patrol birthday party? 🤗

See you in the next post!

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