Paw Patrol Birthday Banner Skye and Everest - Free Printable

paw patrol birthday pink banner printable

Decorate the Paw Patrol themed party using the Free Printable Paw Patrol Birthday Banners! This quick and easy idea is perfect as a party decoration!

So without further ado, let's see how to make it!

Paw Patrol Birthday Banner

The Paw Patrol banners include Skye and Everest banner, the Happy Birthday Banners and the Paw Patrol shield banner as shown in the image below.

Find the full set of Paw Patrol Birthday Banners in the link at the bottom of the post.  

free printable paw patrol banner logo

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Here are the materials: 

- Free Printable Birthday Banner Skye and Everest
- White card stock 
- Hole punch 
- Ribbon or string

How to make Paw Patrol Birthday Banner:

1. Click the link below to download the zipped folder. See FAQ to know how to download the file. 

2. Unzip the Paw Patrol Birthday Banners of Skye and Everest PDF file.

3. Print the banners on 8.5" x 11" white card stock. TIP: I recommend using 65 lb card stock.

4. Cut the banners with scissors.

5. Use the hole punch to make holes on the top left and right corners of the banners.

6. Pass the ribbon through the holes of the banners and create your Paw Patrol Birthday Banner of Skye and Everest!  

free printable paw patrol birthday banner

Please note this free printable is for Personal Use Only, you can downloaf the paw patrol banners of Skye and Everest here.

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See you in the next post! 😊


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