Tissue Paper Butterflies - Fun DIY

diy tissue paper butterflies

Hi guys!

In this easy and fun DIY, I’ll show you how to make these cute and colorful tissue paper butterflies.

This paper craft tutorial is an excellent idea to decorate for spring! Also, if you’re planning a Fairy Birthday Party, these butterflies are beautiful for your party decoration.


- Tissue papers

- Pipe Cleaner

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Fishing line

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how to make tissue paper butterflies


1. Choose the size of the butterfly. For the tutorial, I’m making small butterflies.

2. Cut out 6 rectangles of tissue paper,

Rectangle: Width: 20 cm, Length: 25 cm

3. Fold tissue papers in half 4 times.

4. Unfold the tissue papers.

5. Draw a butterfly wing in the shape of your choice and cut.

6. Open the wings of the butterfly.

7. Fold the paper accordion style.

8. Take a fishing line or thread and tie it the center.

9. Separate layer by layer of the paper.

10. Fold a piece of pipe cleaner to make the body of the butterfly and twist the top three times.

11. Place the pipe cleaner in the middle of the butterfly wings, twist and curl the ends.

12. Job done!


- To make the butterfly of two colors, you’ll need to cut out 3 rectangles and 3 squares of tissue paper.

  • Rectangle: W: 15 cm L: 20 cm
  • Squares: W: 15 cm L: 15 cm 

- Instead of fishing line, you could use thread.

This is such a fun DIY. I hope you’ll give it a try! Don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for more crafts tutorials.

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