How to make a Tall Gable Box - DIY Shaker Favor Box



I’m excited to show this Tall Gable Box! This shaker box is a fun option as party favors and the best of all is that you can fill the box with a lot of candies and also small toys!!

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Here are the supplies you'll need to make this box:

- Tall Gable Box Template

- Cardstocks ( At least 80 lb up to 110 lb card stock)

- Strong glue or silicona liquida (Similar glue)

- Cutting machine or Scissors and bone folder

- Acetate sheet

- Sequins or confetti 

- Double sided foam tape (Optional)

How to cut the template:


- Templates can be used in cutting machines such as Cricut or Silhouette cameo.

- I recommend using SVG file in Cricut and DXF file in Silhouette cameo.

- Templates include solid lines and dashed lines:

If you have a scoring wheel or scoring stylus, make sure to use the files with solid lines and remember to set the score lines, before sending to cut. Check out my tutorial to learn how to set up score lines in cricut design design space.

Dashed score lines are intended to be cut, so you don’t need any scoring tool.


I recommend using the PDF files to cut by hand.


1. Print the tall gable box template on card stock. Note: You’ll need to print out the acetate window template on paper, then trace onto acetate.

2. Cut the box template with scissors.

3. Score along the dashed lines using a bone folder and ruler.

4. Assemble the box as shown in the video tutorial below.

5. Fill the box with treats or any item of your choice.

TIP: You can also print all the pieces of the template on paper, then trace onto card stock and acetate and cut them out.

Watch the assembly tutorial: 


- The template comes in a zipped folder, you need to unzip the files to your computer.

  • Windows PC: Right click the zipped folder and choose Extract Here or Extract All. 
  • Mac: Double click the zipped folder to unzip it.

- To unzip the files to your mobile device or tablet, you will probably need an app to extract the files.

- Make sure to group all the pieces of the template, when you resize the box in your cutting software. 



The Tall Gable Box Template comes in two parts. Each part fits in a Letter Size paper or A4 size paper. Please note this is a blank template, so it does not include the images or pattern. You can decorate the box with the theme of your choice.

The formats of the template are SVG, DXF, PNG and PDF file. You can get the tall gable box template in my Etsy store


What theme would you choose to decorate your box? šŸ˜Š


See you in the next post!

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