Cat Valentine Candy Hugger - DIY Valentine's Day Classroom Exchange Card

Cat Candy Hugger

Hi everyone!

I have a new DIY for Valentine’s Day to share with you today! I’m making cats candy huggers that can you can make as gifts for this day!

Printable Cat Valentine Candy Hugger includes two cute cats and some valentine treats that you can use with this printable are chocolate hearts, lollipops, candy bar, pixie sticks, pencils, mini bubble wands etc.)

Ready to make this idea? First, let’s gather the materials!


- Printable Cat Valentine Candy Hugger 

- Scissors

- Double side tape or glue

- Chocolate, candy, lollipop or your favorite treat

cat valentine candy hugger

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valentine candy hugger classroom exchange gift


1. Print out the Printable Cat Valentine Candy Hugger on 8.5″ x 11″ white cardstock. I recommend using 65 lb / 176 gsm cardstock. 

2. Cut out your cat valentine candy hugger.

3. Fold the arms of the cat inwards to score.

4. Tape down a piece of chocolate or your favorite treat.

5. Apply double side tape or glue to the hands of the cat and fold the arms over your treat to secure.

6. Enjoy your Cat valentine candy hugger!


Play the video!


The Printable Cat Valentine Candy Hugger is a PDF file. This printable is formatted to print on US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) size paper, but also fits to print on A4 size paper. You can get the printable on Etsy Store.

cute cat valentine candy holder

 Click here to find Printable Cat Valentine Candy Hugger

diy cat valentine candy huggers holding chocolate heart

Which cat is your favorite? I love both of them, but if I have to choose only one, I’ll choose the orange cat because is winking!

I hope you enjoy this idea for Valentine’s day! 😍 I’ll promise to make more ideas, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to stay updated with my latest tutorials! 

See you in the next DIY!

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