Free Printable Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers

Trick or treat? 🎃 I know it's still september, but it's never too early for Halloween right? When I was kid, the most exciting about halloween was candies. I remember once I got a candy with a super cool wrap. That halloween, the candy with the coolest wrap was my favorite candy. That's why I made these Halloween Candy Bar Wrappers for you!      


 These candy bar wrappers candy are so simple and fun to make it! Besides, it makes any candy more special. I'm pretty sure kids and adults will adore it!   

- Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper Template (Download it at the bottom of this post)
Halloween Characters Printable (Download it at the bottom of this post)
Bone folder



- These candy bar wrappers candy are perfect for chocolate bars, but you can place the candy of your choice. I used a cello bag to place mini marshmallows. If you use a cello bag, just make sure to seal it. 

- For best results, I recommend to print the Halloween Candy Bar Wrapper Template on cardstock. You'll save a lot of time and you can print it on different colors. 

- I printed the the Halloween characters on sticker paper to give it a shine effect. You can print it on sticker paper, glossy paper or cardstock.


I've made 2 printables, one is the Candy Bar Wrapper Template and the other is the Halloween Characters printable. This one includes 4 Halloween characters like Dracula, Witch, Bat or Pumpkin. All of them are perfect, If you're hosting a halloween party! 

NOTE: Printables from Ohpartyland are for Personal Use Only

Guys, let me know which of the wrapper is your favorite! Dracula, Witch, Bat or Pumpkin?
If you make this idea, I'd love to see it! Send me some photos or tag me on Facebook. Also, feel free to comment down below what halloween ideas, you wanna see. 😉
I hope you like it and Happy Halloween! 🎃

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