How to Make Pink Wall for Female B-day Party

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Birthday parties are quite a big deal for many people, especially youngsters. It is a special day full of love, fun, games, and desserts. But planning a birthday party for your loved ones is the most challenging part. Whether she turns 5 or 15, your girl will undoubtedly love the pink birthday party theme.

There are endless ways to make a birthday party memorable. But a pink birthday party theme can make your favorite girl's birthday special. So while decorating, focus more on walls. Here are some wonderful ideas to make a pink wall for a female birthday party:

Paint the wall with a Pink Color

pink houseleek succulent wall art

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While decorating a birthday party venue, the easiest way to add impact is to paint the walls. It would be best to focus on a single wall. Too much pink will make a space look too overwhelming and feminine. If you do not want a plain pink wall, create a patterned wall with pink color.

The pattern is a subtle method to reinforce a pink theme. For instance, create pink stripes along with gold or silver. Or you can also draw silver stars on a pink backdrop.

Install Lighting Fixtures

Usually, the party area has ample space to accommodate lots of guests. It encourages them to mingle up freely and enjoy games and music. To make it look more beautiful, use different lighting fixtures like sconces, lanterns, fairy lights, and more on the venue's walls. You can also add candles in the pink-colored holders to hang them on the walls. Moreover, the candles are not expensive but attractive and portable. They make the whole ambience cheerful.

Hang Pink Wall Art

hot pink rose wall art

Creating a display wall is a fantastic way to decorate a birthday party venue. For example, you can hang different family and friends pictures with a birthday girl in pink-colored frames. They can be of different sizes and shapes. You can also display beautiful pink wall art in the center of those photos. It will create a stunning focal point among other pictures.

If you are not interested in curating a gallery wall, make a statement by hanging a lovely pink art piece. It should be according to style and preference or birthday girl.

Add a Natural Element

One of the most pleasant and inexpensive ways to make a pink wall for a party is to add natural elements. For example, decorate the walls with wall mounted pink-colored flowers or hang indoor plants in pink hangers. They will do justice to this theme and add freshness to the space.

Other than this, you can also place potted plants on open wooden shelves. They are easy and quick to install. It is a good idea for girls who love nature.

Balloons and Other Party Décor Accessories

You can decorate the walls with pink-colored party décor items, like balloons, streamers, strings, party hats and many more. For example, if you want to add a touch of cuteness, create balloon garlands and hang them on walls with streamers. You can also decorate one wall with pink party hats with strings in the space between caps.

Do you like to be a bit creative? If yes, make some stars or airplanes with pink paper and paste them on a wall with tape. You can also make some of them with gold or silver color, not making a wall look too feminine. Though it is a bit childish trick, it will create a jaw-dropping display.

Paper Pom-Poms Backdrop for Photos

Paper pom poms of different sizes made of pink and silver tissue paper with honeycomb balls. Display them on a crepe pink paper waterfall on the wall. It will create an inexpensive yet gorgeous backdrop for guests to click pictures with a birthday girl.

Pink Banners 

Pink banners are excellent accessories for the female birthday party. Hang banners to greet guests on main party room walls or entryways. Also, take some time creating them with images of the birthday girl and special greetings to make them memorable. But you will have to start making them a month in advance to make sure they are ready for the party.

To Wrap Up

While decorating the walls for a birthday party, do not forget the true meaning of the party. Plan everything as per the choice of the birthday girl. It is her special day so everything should be according to her liking. It is time you will want her to always remember.

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