Valentine's Day Heart Jigsaw Puzzle Card - Free printable template

Heart Jigsaw Puzzle Card

In today’s post, I’m making another valentine’s day card. This card is a heart jigsaw puzzle, which makes it more fun to read the message!  

I love jigsaw puzzles so I came up with this idea as a fun and different way to make a card.

Ready to make the card?

Heart Jigsaw Puzzle


- Heart Jigsaw Puzzle Template (Download at the bottom of the post)

- Colored paper in your choice of color

- Scissors

- Pen, pencil, marker, etc.  

Too busy to make this now? Pin the image below to your Pinterest board and it’ll be here when you’re ready!

DIY Valentine's Day Heart Jigsaw Puzzle


1. Print out the Heart Jigsaw Puzzle Template on the colored paper.

2. Cut around the outside of the Heart Jigsaw Puzzle.

3. Write your message on the back of the Heart Jigsaw Puzzle.

4. Cut out the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

5. Place the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in a box. You can make your own box with this template or use an envelope.

6. Fill the box with the pieces of the heart jigsaw puzzle.

7. Customize the box or envelope.

8. Job done!   


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DIY Valentine's Day Jigsaw Puzzle

This is such a fun valentine’s day card, I hope you’ll give it a try! 

Let me know in the comments if you like this idea! 🤗   

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See you in the next post!

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