Superhero Crafts - Paper Roll Captain America and Iron man


Hi guys! As I promised this week, I'm posting more paper roll superheroes. This time, I'm making paper rolls of Captain America and Iron man!

Iron man is my favorite superhero, so I’m happy to share this craft! Who is your favorite superhero? Or who is your kid's favorite superhero?

Materials Needed:

Toilet paper rolls




Construction paper or Cardstock (in red and blue)

Tissue paper (Only if you’re gonna make your toilet paper candy holder)

Printable Captain America (At the bottom of the post)

Printable Iron man (At the bottom of the post)


- If you’re not planning to make the paper roll Superheroes as candy holders, skip the step of the tissue paper and don’t cut a circle to make the base of the candy holder.

- You could also paint the toilet paper rolls instead of using construction paper or cardstock.

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1. Cut a piece of cardstock to the approximate size of the paper roll. Also cut a circle diameter 7.5 cm to make the base of the paper roll candy holder.

2. Put glue to one side of the paper roll, then place the paper roll on the cardstock and begin to wrap.

3. To make paper roll candy holder, cut a piece of tissue paper (Rectangle) and slide it into the paper roll.

4. Attach the iron mask to the red one by applying glue.

5. Glue the other pieces of the printable Iron man to the paper roll.

6. Draw the features of Iron man with a red marker.

7. Add your favorite candy inside the paper roll and secure with twine or ribbon.

8. You’re done!

Click the video below to watch the video tutorial!

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Printable Captain America and Printable Iron Man are for Personal Use Only. They come in a zipped folder, you need to unzip or extract the files to your computer. On a Windows PC, right click the zipped folder and choose Extract Here or Extract All. On a Mac, just double click the zipped folder to unzip it.

To download Printable Captain America PDF, click here

To download Printable Iron Man PDF, click here

I’m also fan of Spider man and I like his relationship with Iron man. I think they are a father-son duo. So maybe I’ll make a paper roll Spiderman.

 What other paper roll superhero should I make?


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