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Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you're all well and safe! As you know, a lot of things are happening, for this reason, is important to stay at home, take care of our loved ones and stay strong.πŸ’— I'm sharing 10 fun things to do at home with your kids, I hope you like these activities!   


Cooking with family is super fun! Kids get involved easily to help and get excited with the food. I love baking and I'm planning to make a lemon pye with my family!  You don't have to make a difficult recipe, just make some pancakes, waffles, pizza, cupcakes, brownies, cookies or you can try out some easy and colorful recipe like my Rainbow Grilled Cheese here


Playing board games was my favorite indoor activity, when I was a kid! And guess what?  Jenga was and still is my number one board game!  There are plenty of board games, some of my favorites are Jenga (Obviously), Uno, Monopoly, Twister, Ludo, Chinese Checkers, Matching or memory and Connect 4.



If you don't have board games, you can recycle and create games with cardboard, roll papers, cans, bottles, cereal boxes or any materials you find at home. Paint your cans and play bowling  Check out my DIY games board on pinterest here!

Also, play traditional games with your kids like charades and hide and seek !


Crafts are pretty cool! You can make fun things using everyday materials at home. Just look for materials like papers, colored pencils, markers, crayons, paint, scissors, glue or any recycled material and let your kids imagination soar!  Also, I have amazing printables for your kids like my Toy Story coloring pages! Check out all my activity sheets here!

To find crafts ideas, click here.   


If you have a garden, kids can help you to pull weeds or collect flowers! But if you don't have it, plant an indoor garden with your kids! I don't know about you guys, but when I was a kid, I remember to grow a bean plant in a jar! 🌱It's so simple, you just need beans, cottons balls and a jar or plastic container! Search on internet "how to grow a bean plant with cotton" and find the tutorial or video that you like.


Kids have a lot of energy like a lot! I found out that dancing is a good activity to keep kids moving plus is an excellent way to do exercise.  Do a Battle dance or Lip Sync Battle with your kids! I'm pretty sure they'll have a lot of fun! Also, you can search on YouTube some dance tutorials or create your own steps! Just find any music your family like and start dancing!


Everybody loves music, so this activity is amazing and perfect!  Play some music and sing with your family. If you or anyone in your family play instruments, try to do a miniconcert!  Do karaoke and have an amazing time with your kids! 


There are many movies on Netflix, Disney+ or even TV. Make some popcorn and watch movies with your kids! My family and I love disney movies, so they´re a must have! 


Reading and role playing are an excellent combination because kids learn or catch more the meaning of stories when they get involved! Tales are a good way to teach them values. The Ugly Duckling, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk are traditional tales that I like!  If you know some good books or tales to read to kids, please leave your recommendations in the comments. 


I remember the first time I saw my parents photos when they were young, I asked for the story behind the photo and it was a lovely moment because they could remember some amazing memories, plus some of the stories were funny.  Take some time with your kids and show your photos when you were a kid or teenager and tell the story about the photo. If you have photos with your partner, tell the story how your met your partner. Also, show your kids their photos, when they were babies and look their reaction!

Thank you for reading this post! If you know more ideas to do at home, feel free to comment what other activities we can do! Also, I'd like to know which one of the activities you're planning to do, don't be shy and leave a comment! ;)

Be kind, stay safe and stay strong! We´ll get through this. I wish everyone the best! πŸ™ 

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