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Hello!  Today I'm gonna show you how to make L.O.L Surprise Party Decoration using my Ferris Wheel Template.  This template is so easy to assemble and you can use it to decorate any party! So, let's see how to make this decoration!😉    


If you're planning a LOL Surprise Birthday Party, this decoration would be perfect as a centerpiece in your party. Also, if you are not planning any party, but your kids love everything about LOL Surprise. This decoration would be adorable in your kids´ bedroom!



- Ferris wheel template (Find them here)
- LOL Surprise dolls printable (Link to download at the bottom of the post)
- Embellishment and editable ribbons printable (Link to download at the bottom of the post)
- Cardstock (Colors of your choice)
- Cardboard 
- Ruler
- Scissors, utility knife and craft knife or cutting machine
- Glue


You can use your cutting machine or your scissors and craft knife to cut by hand.   

Cutting machine

- If you use your cutting machine, be sure to use the appropriate file ( SVG, PNG or DXF file) It'll depend on your cutting machine. 

By hand

- If you cut by hand, use the printable PDF or PNG files. First, print out the templates on cardstock and use your scissor to cut. Also, you can print out on paper, then trace onto cardstock and cut it out.



 I've created the Ferris Wheel Template in SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG and PDF files. The templates are available in my shop and you can find them here. Also, I've created two printables, one is the LOL Surprise dolls printable and the ferris wheel cars and editable ribbons printable in A4 sheet and tabloid sheet, you can download at the bottom of the post.


NOTE: Free printables from Ohpartyland are for Personal Use Only


- For best results, I recommend to use cardstock from 65 lb / 176 gsm to 80 lb / 216 gsm for the wheel. Besides, for the base of the ferris wheel, I recommend cardstock from 80 lb / 216 gsm to 110 lb / 298 gsm.

- To print the LOL dolls and embellishments, use white cardstock.

- You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF files. You can download for free here

- To edit the editable ribbons you need to download to your computer. Because you won't be able to edit this in your internet browser or in Preview/ PDF reader.

- To customize the editable ribbons, Use or download LEMON MILK FONT


 I hope these tutorial and tips have been useful to make this Ferris Wheel. If you have any questions or doubt about this template, please let me know in the comments down below. 

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